Georgia Bulldogs Key Organizer

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This innovative key organizer stores your keys in a compact, easy to access bundle with Swiss style engineering. With the Georgia Bulldogs key organizer you can load up to 10 keys that zipper back into the organizer so that you never have to deal with keys poking you in your pocket, damaging your purse or simply creating a ton of noise. There is a handy loop piece to attach your larger car key or fob.
  • Officially licensed College product Licensee: Siskiyou Buckle
  • Easy to use large screw feature that makes loading your keys a breeze
  • Comes with spacers for up to 10 standard-sized house keys
  • Light-weight organizer keeps your keys compactly stored and prevents them jingling around and causing damage to your pockets and purses
  • This innovative key organizer features the Georgia Bulldogs logo expertly printed on the front